Shawn Farrow has been a home builder for nearly 20 years. However, design and build is his passion. His father was a finishing carpenter and cabinet maker and his grandfather was also a custom carpenter. So you can say building original homes is in his blood.

“I cut my teeth on design and build.” says Shawn Farrow. “I
don’t believe in cookie cutter homes that are not what you
really want...

Our Process

Location. Location. Location. That’s where building the perfect home begins. Ironstone works with developers in Regina and surrounding are to find the perfect community atmosphere for your family. Right now, the following lots are available. Take a look and pick the perfect site to start the construction of your new life!

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Home Renovations

Outdated home but love your current location?

Not only does Ironstone Homes specialize in custom home building, but we also offer quality home renovations. When you’re satisfied with your current neighbourhood and location but know that your home is in need of an update, a home renovation may be the perfect fit for you. Whether you’re looking to renovate the interior or exterior of your home, Ironstone Homes ensures this process runs smoothly and fits within your budget.
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